Study finds mystical near-death experiences are very common

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are very common, a newly published study reveals, with one out of every 10 people reporting some type of sensation or mystical experience during a life-threatening event. According to the researchers behind the project, these experiences can include physical sensations, such as thoughts moving at 'exceptional' speeds and the experience of leaving one's body.

The study, which was recently published in the European Academy of Neurology, analyzed the experiences of individuals from 35 countries. The types of near-death situations varied, including everything from combat situations to accidents like drowning and crashes, as well as medical emergencies like going into cardiac arrest.

Many of the reported near-death experiences were similar, however, with a huge number of participants reporting time changes, exceptionally fast thoughts, an enhancement of senses, and leaving their bodies entirely.

Based on their findings, the researchers report that near-death experiences impact 10-percent of people who are involved in a near-death situation, meaning they come close to dying but ultimately remain living. Of those people who had experiences, 87-percent reported experience abnormal time perception, 65-percent had 'exceptional' thinking speeds, 63-percent reported 'exceptionally vivid' senses, and 53-percent reported leaving their bodies entirely.

Many individuals report positive experiences, while others report having been afraid or experiencing something that felt life-threatening. Positive experiences included hearing angelic singing and feeling 'total peace.' Frightening experiences include the sense of a demon sitting on one's chest. Other commonly reported NDEs included traveling down a dark tunnel before reaching a bright light and seeing one's life flash before them.