Study: 40% of Americans use their phone within 5 minutes of waking up

A new global mobile consumer survey details technology trends from the U.S. as noted throughout 2016, and among them are details about how US techies use their phone. Most notably, about 40-percent of Americans check their smartphone within five minutes of waking up in the morning. That number grows over the minutes following, with most people checking their phone within an hour of waking up, and continuing to check it dozens of times throughout the day.

The data comes from Deloitte, which has tracked these phone usage trends over the past three years. Over this duration, the survey has noted that phone owners increasingly check their messages first thing in the morning, a habit that has increased every year since 2014. Whereas emails were tied with checking non-email messages in 2014, the number of people who do that first has decreased during the same time period.

In 2016, 35-percent of people checked their text messages and IMs first thing in the morning, whereas only 22-percent checked their email first. The average American then looks at their phone about 47 times every day with the exception of the 18 to 24 age group, which checks an average of 82 times per day.

As you'd expect, a lot of people check their phone within five minutes of going to bed, too — more than 30-percent, according to Deloitte. Joining that is another statistic — about 50-percent of phone users check their phone in the middle of the night. Finally, people use their phones most often while shopping or enjoying 'leisure' time like while watching TV.

SOURCE: Deloitte