Strongest coffee in space heads to ISS

Many coffee drinkers they can't function until they have that hot and caffeinated stuff flowing through their body. Not all coffee is created equal some has more caffeine than others and the variety of tastes are endless. A company called Death Wish Coffee Company has what it claims to be the strongest coffee in the world.

That coffee is now set to be the strongest coffee in space with the coffee lauded for its flavor and high caffeine content heading to the ISS. Crew members of Expedition 56 will get to partake in the coffee after the SpaceX CRS-15 Dragon cargo module docks with the ISS. That cargo mission is set to launch on June 29.

The coffee Death Wish is sending to the ISS is a special freeze-dried version packaged in the same foil packets that NASA uses for normal strength coffee and other astronaut drinks (Tang anyone?). Astronauts already have coffee on the space station with several flavors to choose from including caffeinated or decaf instant coffee.

Among the choices is a Kona blend that is said to be a Hula Girl Coffee brand. ISS crew can choose the coffee with sugar, powdered cream, or both already mixed in. The coffee machine aboard the ISS is called the Lavazza and Argotec ISSpresso designed to brew Italian espresso and other hot drinks in microgravity. That machine was put aboard the space station in 2015.

The catch is that the machine uses special capsules that are rather like what a Keurig uses here on Earth making them limited in supply. Death Wish Coffee promises 200% more caffeine than standard coffee. Space probably isn't the place to be jittery from too much caffeine.