Street Fighter V gets a surprise release on SteamOS and Linux

Earlier this month, sad news was delivered to Linux gamers everywhere. Arkham Knight was canceled on their OS of choice (as well as on the Mac). Of course, with all of the issues that PC gamers encountered with the game since its original launch, it really wasn't much of a surprise to see it get canned on other platforms. Thankfully, there are other, better games that will see Linux releases.

Street Fighter V is due to release tomorrow on PC and PS4, but these aren't the only platforms where we will see the game. No, Xbox One users, it's not time for you to get excited. As of now, the game still remains exclusive to the PS4, and PC. Of course, PC's don't just run Windows, you know.

Capcom has announced that they are working on a version of the game for SteamOS, and other Linux flavors, and that it is due out sometime this spring. Linux in general still lags far behind Windows and even Mac in terms of playable games. However, it's great to see new titles getting added to that list all the time. Especially big franchises like Street Fighter.

The best part of the news is that if you purchase the game for the PC on Steam, you'll automatically get access to it on your Linux flavor of choice. That sounds an awful lot like what Microsoft is doing with Quantum Break. Something tells me that PC gamers won't be throwing a fit, because other people are getting access to a game that was going to be exclusive to the PS4 and Windows.

If you're a Mac gamer that's hoping to see Street Fighter V come your way, you'll have to keep waiting. Thus far, Capcom has not announced any plans to bring the game to OSX.

VIA: Steam