Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Features Online Versus Mode, Other Online Features

Nintendo's stance on online gaming is barely a stance at all. Even on their home console, the Wii, the company hasn't made a huge push into the online gaming market. And it doesn't look like that position is going to change with the upcoming launch of the Nintendo 3DS. The portable gaming unit, while featuring highly-detailed, 3D titles of which many could very well feature online play, is forced to suffer with a small online architecture. Fortunately, Capcom is ready to bring the latest edition of their Street Figher series to the 3D realm, and they're bringing online multiplayer along for the ride.

Nintendo hasn't built a large architecture for developers to build online features into their games, so that's why developers must do it on their own. For Capcom, which is one of the main third-party developers for Nintendo's 3D handheld gaming unit, it's a chance to step up and add features that they believe gamers will enjoy. First and foremost, the company is including an online Verus mode, called "Internet Versus," where players will be able to match up with other players hanging out in "limbo," waiting for an online match.

But, that's not all. Capcom also revealed that gamers will be able to go through the Arcade mode's challenges with a friend as well. And, if you don't want to jump online to play with a friend or stranger, you can use the game's offline mode to play with your friend sitting right next to you. For Capcom to be successful in this endeavor, and to stand out amongst the other developers and publishers who will surely include their own multiplayer features into other games released for the 3DS, the online game modes and features need to stand out. Hopefully next week we'll find out when we will all get a chance to play the 3D version of Street Fighter IV outside of Japan.

[via TG Daily]