Street Fighter 5 adds Zeku as a playable character

Street Fighter might seem to simply be a fighting game for many outsiders, but fans know that the franchise has a rich lore that goes beyond the flashy combos and button mashing. The game has dozens of characters that, naturally, stay only in the background, if even shown at all. Some, however, graduate to becoming a part of the main roster. That is exactly the case with the newest addition to Street Fighter's stable of playable characters, Zeku, who first appeared a non-playable sparring partner.

Zeku is the former mentor of Guy, one of Street Fighter's recurring cast. Although Guy eventually becomes the 39th Master of the Bushinryu ninjutsu style, Zeku taught Guy everything he knows. Zeku disappeared after his one and only appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2. But, like his fighting style, he now reappears in full, playable form.

As a master of this specific style of ninjutsu, it's only fitting that Zeku's Street Fighter 5 selection of skills involve rapid disappearing and reappearing acts that take enemies by surprise. But one rather curious aspect of his character is how switches to an alternate appearance mid battle, and then switches back to his normal self in the end.

Zeku follows Menat, who was also formerly a background character, appearing as the fortune teller in Ed's story mode. The ninjutsu master becomes available for purchase starting 24th October.

VIA: Polygon