Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection brings 12 titles together

Some games have almost become synonymous with the genres they represent. First person shooters have Doom, JRPGs have Final Fantasy, and MMOs have WoW. When it comes to arcade fighting games, there is probably no name that rings louder than Street Fighter. The franchise is celebrating 30 years of existence, and what better way to memorialize that than by gathering not just the games but also the memories and skills into one, single Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. And that is exactly what fans can expect next year.

Ever since the game launched in arcade cabinets in 1987, Street Fighter has become a staple and an icon in the gaming industry. It has spawned over 60 unique characters and sold over 40 million units during its three decades. And now, Capcom is giving veterans a chance to relive their glory days all in one place and giving the next generation a chance to live it for the first time.

The 30th Anniversary Collection bundles 12 titles in one. That is hardly all the Street Fighter games ever released and, in fact, stops at 1999. The collection includes:

• Street Fighter

• Street Fighter II

• Street Fighter II: Champion Edition

• Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting

• Super Street Fighter II

• Super Street Fighter II: Turbo

• Street Fighter Alpha

• Street Fighter Alpha 2

• Street Fighter Alpha 3

• Street Fighter III

• Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact

• Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

But wait, there's more! Some of the titles will include online features such as ranked and casual matches, lobbies, and leaderboards.

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection launches on May 2018. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. No price has been given yet, but fans have a lot of time to save up for it.