Streamz headphones feature 1.6GHz dual core processor

Shane McGlaun - Dec 27, 2013
Streamz headphones feature 1.6GHz dual core processor

A typical set of headphones offers little inside other than speakers and perhaps techs for working with a smartphone like a remote control and mic. A company called Streamz Media has unveiled a new set of headphones that has a lot more to it than we are used to seeing. These headphones have an integrated Android processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and storage space.

All of that tech is embedded inside the headphones to allow the headphones to stream stored music and other content. The headphones have Smart WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces that are able to auto detect hotspots and Bluetooth devices like smartphones and stereo receivers.

The company says that the Streamz headphones are the first to incorporate a music player inside and it uses a 48 kHz/16-bit CD quality DAC. The headphones also have 3W vibration drivers and a 160mW dynamic amp. The integrated amp and DAC allow the headphones to stream CD quality audio.

The use of vibration speakers allows the user to hear and feel their favorite music. The vibration speakers also allow the headphones to fit with less pressure and still deliver high quality audio. That makes the Streamz headphones more comfortable to wear for extended periods. The headphones also have bi-amped 2-way speakers that measure 50mm. Internal storage space is 4GB and that can be expanded to 36GB with memory cards. The Streamz headphones will ship in March 2014 for $549.

SOURCE: Streamz Media

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