Stream from PC to TV wirelessly via Wisair's USB Adapter

If you've ever wanted to stream content from your PC to your TV without running cables or setting up a network, Wisair's USB Display Adapter will be a lifesaver.  The device is not only great for streaming to a TV, but also to another monitor and even a projector.

The Wisair USB Display Adapter can connect using VGA and HDMI and supports resolutions all the way up to 1,400 x 1,050.  Unfortunately, the device cannot stream anything in 1080p, likely due to the limits of USB 2.0.

Wisair's adapter will retail for $129 and will be available sometime this quarter for both the US and Europe.  The inability to stream HD might keep some people away, but for the price and the headaches it will likely save, it seems to be a good deal.  Maybe we'll see updated hardware with 1080p support once USB 3.0 hits the ground running.  

[via Engadget]