Stratego comes to iPad, Facebook, and the web browser

Craig Lloyd - Jan 29, 2013
Stratego comes to iPad, Facebook, and the web browser

The classic board game Stratego is hitting more platforms today. Developed by Keesing Games, the popular strategy board game by Royal Jumbo is now available on the iPad, Facebook, or through a web browser ( Both the Facebook and web browser versions are free to play, but the developers are charging a hefty $6.99 for the iPad version.

Stratego has been around for over 50 years, and it has seen many revisions along the way by many board game makers, like Milton Bradley, Hasbro, and Spin Master. This digital version from Keesing Games looks to be based on Hasbro’s version from a few years ago, but it includes a few more surprises than what you would find in the regular board game version.

Players can play in both single-player modes and online modes, with the option to play in full 40-piece games or smaller games of 10 pieces. All of the mechanics from the board game are present, with players working to capture the flag of their opponents, and using a mix of strategy and deception to successfully move game pieces around the board.

Development of Stratego began last year during the spring, and the game has been in a closed beta until now, with around 18,000 players having already had their fair share of play time. Keesing Games says that while the game will still see action on Facebook, the game will probably have an easier time gaining players on iOS due to the platform’s popularity. However, the developers are hard at work on a new mode for the game that will hopefully attract more Facebook users.

[via Inside Social Games]

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