Stowamatic GT2 Makes Carrying Your Golf Clubs Easier

Evan Selleck - Aug 6, 2010
Stowamatic GT2 Makes Carrying Your Golf Clubs Easier

We’re not necessarily sure that golf, as a whole, needs to be made easier (at least, not the walking part), but if it does, then what better place to start than carrying your clubs? We know that driving that cart around may not be all that great, so walking from one whole to another may be your only option. And you’re probably tired of dragging that bag around everywhere. So here’s the Stowamatic GT2, with a nice little battery to help you along.

The GT2 is based on a predecessor, actually, called the Titanium GT model. Though, while Titanium is a much cooler name to have in a title, the GT2 makes up for the difference with plenty of improvements to the hardware. For example, the new model has a distance control function, and instead of a display that can be washed out by the sun, the GT2 features an LED display. As for the battery, that’s a 27-hole lead-acid model, meaning you should get plenty of juice throughout the day. You can see that there’s a nice little strap there on the back, which should make sure your golf bag doesn’t go flying off.

The point, especially with that new distance control function, means that you can just tell your trolley where you want it to go, a set distance, and watch as it makes it happen. No need to carry your clubs yourself. But, as of right now anyway, it looks like the Stowamatic is only available across the pond, but you can definitely get it imported. Not counting any of those fees, the GT2 will run you about $365, or £230. Any takers?

[via Ubergizmo]

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