STMicroelectronics offers new enhanced audio for hybrid cars

I have driven a few hybrid vehicles and one of the strangest things about driving them to me is the engine starting and stopping on its own. Apparently, some of these start/stop and hybrid cars cause the audio system to act up whenever the engine turns off or on.

I could see it being very annoying if at every light when your car turns itself off your radio acts up. STMicroelectronics has announced a new enhanced audio IC that is designed specifically to improve the audio in these sorts of vehicles. The IC is the TDA7850LV and it is a 4x50W audio power amplifier that is start/start compatible.

According to the company when a vehicle shuts off the voltage can drop as low as 6V with only the battery providing electric power. When the car comes back on the driver hears a pop and click noise. The new IC allows the system to operate on varying power and does produce the pop and click when the car stops or starts back up. The IC is ramping up in production right now with pricing at $5.30 for orders of 1000 pieces or more.