Stitcher launches plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome browsers

For a lot of people, it's impossible to make it through the day without having music playing constantly. There's no shortage of Internet radio stations or digital audio content to purchase or stream from a variety of services online. If you're a fan of Stitcher, the company has announced a couple new browser plug-ins.

Stitcher now has browser plug-ins customized for the Google Chrome web browser and Firefox. Stitcher says that fans can now listen to the streaming service any time on any browser thanks to the two new browser plug-ins. Using the new Chrome or Firefox plug-ins, users can stream their favorite programs along with over 15,000 shows using easy toolbar access providing full playback control.

Stitcher says that the web app will sync with your mobile application and grab all of the custom stations you have set up allowing you to resume listening on your computer where you left off on your mobile device. The web experience includes Smart Discovery allowing you to discover new shows you'll probably like based on your listening activity. Users can also fine tune chosen shows for more personalized recommendations.

The browser plug-ins also support on-demand listening without the need to download content or synchronize. Users can also login using the browser plug-ins and create custom stations. The new plug-ins support Facebook sharing and allowing you to share your favorite shows on Facebook and discover what your friends are listening to as well. Both the Chrome and Firefox plug-ins are available to download now.

[via Stitcher]