Stick-N-Find Technologies updates its tracking system

Back in November of last year, we talked a bit about the Stick-N-Find object tracking system. The system uses little Bluetooth-enabled stickers that you can adhere to just about anything from your keys to your smartphone to your notebook allowing you to find it if you lose it. The system also has a number of other functionalities allowing you to perform other tasks.

At Mobile World Congress 2013, the company behind Stick-N-Find announced that it had updated system making it more precise and more useful. The updated system offers precise radar resolution allowing users to pinpoint stickers within 2 inches of the sticker location. The radar display will show every stickered item in your vicinity.

The system has an extended range that now reaches up to 150 feet. The manufacturer says that it achieved this extended range using a custom designed antenna and a proprietary mix to create a non-absorbent plastic casing. The app for the system has also been redesigned.

The redesign app is easier to use and allows you to find your lost devices, activate the radar, check the temperature, and activate the leash functionality. The new system will begin shipping next week, a full month ahead of schedule. This product raised the funding to come to market the Indiegogo.

[via Stick-N-find]