Steve Woz's glitchy Prius accelerates to 97-mph on its own, Toyota plans to borrow and test unit

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, or "Woz", is legendary for owning gadgets of all sizes and shapes (Segways, iPhones, Nexus One and Droid of recent, etc).  However, he recently reported that his Toyota Prius evidently started accelerating on its own, almost to a whooping 97 mph when he employed the cruise control feature.  Woz? He thinks it's a software glitch.

Toyota engineers have plans to borrow and test out Woz's Prius for a week, in order to diagnose the any problems.  Woz's Prius model is of the newly-released 2010 Toyota lineup, and isn't under the current Toyota recall (he also claims that he can duplicate the scenario, which he describes as "very scary").

Wozniak is convinced that it may be a faulty software issue, although no real evidence of any kind has been reported yet.  He's reportedly a bit concerned that Toyota took a long time to respond to his requests for assistance.