Steve Jobs film with Ashton Kutcher as the lead aims for Q4 launch

With the passing of Steve Jobs, there are two movies in the works about his life. Sony is working on the big-budget production based on the autobiography of Jobs published very shortly after his death. The second film is an independent project with Ashton Kutcher playing Jobs. What we didn't know when the picture was first announced was when it would be released and what specific timeframe the movie would be looking at.

That information and more has now been confirmed by the film's producer Mark Hulme. Hulme says that the working title for the movie at this point is "Jobs: Get Inspired." That title doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, I wonder if they'll change it before the movie launches. The movie will primarily focus on the early years of Apple as a company from 1971 through 2000. Those years before Apple became so wildly successful with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

The producer of the film says rather than using a book to base the film script on, the writers of the script actually used people that knew Jobs personally. The producer says that they picked Ashton Kutcher to play Jobs because they needed someone who could pull off the "youthfulness of Jobs at the time but also the psychological complexity." Interestingly, Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs have remarkably similar features from the timeframe the movie covers. The movie is going to start filming in May and hopes to hit theaters in Q4.

[via Neowin]