Steve Ballmer Won't be Making it to WWDC, or Dancing With the Stars

Well, that was quick. We had brought you a story earlier today, about a particular analyst out there who believed, pretty strongly, that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, would actually be making an appearance at this year's WWDC. You know, the one that's built around Apple's developer community, and where they're likely to announce the next iPhone. Apparently Ballmer was going to show up to announce something like Silverlight on the iPhone, or to announce iPhone OS and Mac development tools in Visual Studio 2010. Yeah, it was unbelievable, and sure enough, none of it's true.

Thanks to Microsoft's official Twitter, we can safely say that Ballmer won't be making an appearance at WWDC. Furthermore, he won't be showing up on Dancing With the Stars, either. And no, he won't be riding in the Belmont, either. So, consider us relieved to see the hysteria calm down, but a little disappointed that we won't have something a bit more "shocking" to cover at this year's WWDC.

Not that the announcement of the iPhone HD isn't great and all, but we would have loved to see Ballmer and Steve Jobs on the stage together, discussing things we never would have guessed they'd discuss together. Maybe next year. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean you shouldn't tune into SlashGear's liveblog of the whole event, because we're pretty sure there's going to be enough there to keep you satiated (at least for a couple of minutes). So join us June 7th at

[via Microsoft's Twitter]