SteelSeries Siberia v2 headset for gamers unveiled

Many hard core gamers prefer to play their favorite games on the PC using a headset or headphones rather than using speakers. This is because the headphones allow you to hear more of the nuances of the in-game sound and some gamers feel they can hear where their enemy is.SteelSeries makes a full line of gaming peripherals and the company has announced that it has launched the latest version of its Siberia headset called the Siberia v2. The headset is a full-size unit with an invisible retractable mic for in game audio that pulls out of the left ear-cup.

The speakers inside the headset are 50mm and promise good bass and overall volume. Frequency response for the headset is 10-28,000 Hz and the impedance is 32 Ohm. Other features include a 1m cable along with a 2M extension cable and thicker leather ear cups. The headset will come in versions with and without a USB sound card. Both versions will be launch in November with pricing being made official then.