SteelSeries Rival 700 introduces tactile feedback to PC gaming

There are a number of things that separate PC and console gaming. In fact, there are probably as many differences as there are similarities. Over time companies have started implementing features on each that slowly close some of the gaps between the two. Today, Steelseries is releasing a new mouse that brings an old favorite console feature to the PC for the first time.

I still remember getting the Rumble Pack for my N64 when I was a kid. It wasn't utilized by every game, but for the first time, I had some sort of tactile feedback from my game. I could actually feel what was happening (to a very small degree). Since then, practically every console has included this feature in their controllers. Tactile feedback has really only been available on the PC when using a console controller. At least until now.

The new Steelseries Rival 700 has a number of interesting features, with the most interesting being the introduction of tactile feedback in a mouse. This slight vibration isn't something that's going to be integrated into your game the same way as it is on consoles. You can customize the exact vibration patterns that are used, as well what triggers them.

Imagine playing League of Legends, and you're waiting for your ultimate ability to finish cooling down. Suddenly, you feel a soft vibration on your palm, letting you know that it's ready. Without even shifting your eyes to see that it's ready, you just hit 'R' and obliterate your opponent. Or maybe you're playing an FPS and your heath is low, you might feel a heartbeat to let you know your condition.

The above are just two examples of how tactile feedback can be integrated into your game, giving you a cue that doesn't rely on sight or sound. You can customize the feature with any number of vibration patterns to let you know of different events happening in the game.

You'll also find a fully-customizable OLED screen on the side of the mouse. This can be used to provide you with stats, to let you know which profile your mouse is in, or just to let everyone know whose mouse it is. SteelSeries offers up a number of different gifs that you can download and use on your screen, or you can make your own.

The mouse itself can also be customized in a number of ways. You can pick up different top covers, swap out between two different cable lengths, or 3D print your own name plate for the mouse, so everyone will always know whose it is.

The Rival 700 is on sale starting today for $99. While that might be on the pricey side for a mouse, the sheer amount of customization makes it seem worthwhile.

Source: SteelSeries