Steam Summer Sale start date outed by PayPal: Prepare your wallets

Like death and taxes, Steam's annual sales have become a certainty of life. Steam is usually pretty secretive when it comes to the start and end dates for its sales, but as it has done for most Steam sales in recent memory, PayPal is here to bail us out. PayPal UK has announced the start date for 2017's Steam Summer sale, and it's coming up a lot faster than you may realize.

In a Twitter post earlier today, PayPal UK revealed that the Steam Summer Sale will kick off on June 22 at 6 PM BST (1 PM Eastern and 10 AM Pacific). That, as it happens, is tomorrow, so the launch of the Steam Summer Sale is right around the corner. Hopefully your wallets are prepared, because these sales usually see most of Steam's catalog discounted in one way or another.

For that reason, you'll probably want to hold off on buying any games at full retail price until the sale kicks off tomorrow. After all, there's a very high probability that the games you want today will be discounted beginning tomorrow, allowing you to pick them up on the cheap.

Back in the day, Steam would roll out new deals every day, requiring users to log in during each day of the sale to see if a game they were interested in buying had been discounted. More recently, however, Steam has just offered discounts on most games for the duration of the sale, allowing you to pick up the games you're interested in at the start. Therefore, if a game you want is discounted tomorrow, it's safe to buy it without worry that it will go lower in the later days of the sale.

PayPal UK will be offering Steam shoppers £5 back on purchases of £20 or more, but there's no word on if PayPal US will offer a similar promotion. PayPal UK's deal will last until July 5, which may just be the end date for the Steam Summer Sale. It's hard to imagine PayPal being wrong about the start date, but we'll keep an eye on it nonetheless and report back tomorrow.