Steam Summer Sale dates leaked - Prepare your wallet

There are few constants in life. Death, Taxes, and Steam having their annual Summer and Holiday sales. Valve has been putting on sales for quite some time now, so we're pretty used to their timing. However, it looks like we already know exactly when their Summer Sale will be, despite the company not announcing it yet.

Valve coordinates their Steam Sales with publishers/developers, in order get everyone on the same page with things. This no doubt helps them to coordinate discounts and such, in preparation for the event. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people end up knowing the particular dates of the sale well in advance. And someone is bound to slip up and release that knowledge into the wild.

One publisher appears to have done just that, with regards to the upcoming Summer Sale. According to a leaked screenshot from a Russian publisher, the Summer Sale appears to be slated to run from June 23rd to July 4th this year.

While we don't know what games to expect to find discounted, at least now you know exactly when to prepare your wallet for some pain. And remember, since Valve changed the way their sales work, you don't have to worry about catching flash sales or daily deals. Once a game goes on sale, it will be at its lowest price, until the Summer Sale ends.

Source: Reddit