Steam rolls out PS5 DualSense controller support to everyone

Last month, Valve rolled out DualSense support in Steam, only a couple of weeks after the new controller launched alongside the PlayStation 5. At first, DualSense support was only available in the Steam beta client, meaning that Steam users had to first opt-into that client in order to use their DualSense controllers in PC games. Today, that all changed, with Steam shipping a new client update for Steam that includes DualSense support.

That means DualSense support will be available to everyone who installs the update. It seems that Steam supports most of the DualSense features, including the trackpad, gyro, lightbar, and rumble. We probably won't see much support for the DualSense's adaptive triggers or haptic feedback, unless of course developers program that support into their games.

Should Sony ever decide to bring some of its first-party PlayStation 5 games over to Steam, as it has done with Horizon Zero Dawn, then perhaps we could see support for those two features, which are both major selling points for the controller. In any case, the update notes for this client update say that Steam has also implemented a directional swipe mode that can be used with trackpads and gyro controls, both of which the DualSense support.

Steam users will probably be pleased to see full DualSense support roll out to everyone, because there was a lot of buzz about the DualSense in the lead up to the PlayStation 5's release back in November. We've confirmed that the DualSense does indeed live up to the hype, and PC gamers could do a lot worse than choosing it as their controller of choice.

This DualSense support is actually just one part of a larger Steam client update, and you can read more about it in the patch notes linked above. The update will be automatically downloaded beginning today, so all you need to do is install it when Steam prompts you to and you should be good to go with DualSense support.