Steam overhaul rumored to feature reworked home page, global customer preferences

It may not be long before Steam gets a makeover. Apparently Valve has posted a developers-only update to let them know of an incoming overhaul, and briefly touch on the new features they can expect when the new Steam arrives. Even better is that this update claims that the newest version of Steam will be rolling out in the next few weeks, so the service's new look might be just around the corner.

It doesn't seem like too much will be changing aesthetically, though Valve does say in this message that the home page will be getting a few tweaks. Valve will be removing some visual clutter in this home page refresh, also offering larger game images for some of the titles being advertised and "some new ways of surfacing games."

This new home page will also feature what Valve calls "enhanced left column navigation." What this means is that users will have more options when it comes to navigating through Steam using the left column. These include a "popular among friends," feature – which will allow shoppers to more easily see what their friends have been buying and playing – and improved visibility from followed Curators.

That improved Curator visibility is coming in a few different forms. Users will now see a special section on the home page that highlights recent recommendations when they're following one or more Curators, and Curator recommendations can even be included in the home page banner. Curators are getting a few new tools at their disposal, now being able to say whether they recommend a game or if their post is merely an informational one.

We'll also be getting global customer preferences with this update, which are said to be going into effect across the entire home page. Customers will now be able to filter out specific types of games, be it VR titles, Early Access, videos, or non-gaming software. Perfect for the people who don't have a VR headset or aren't interested in purchasing Early Access titles.

There's been no official confirmation from Valve that this update is on the way, but if it's rolling out in a few weeks like the rumors claim, then we should be hearing about it sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.

VIA: Kotaku