Steam News Hub rolls out to everyone: What to expect

After months of testing, Steam today rolled out its News Hub to all users. As the name suggests, the News Hub acts as a personalized space for news on the games you play. For instance, not only will you see every post from the developers of games you play – including announcements and patch notes – but you can also see gaming news posts from a number of publications that are active on Steam through the curator program.

By default, there might be a bit too much information to process in the default News Hub, which is where the personalization features come in. For instance, with default settings you'll see posts concerning events, livestreams, content updates, releases, sales, and news related to the games you play, but you can turn off any of those categories in the Hub's preferences tab.

Just as well, you can personalize the sources you'll see posts about. By default, it seems that you'll see posts about games in your library and on your wishlist, games that you're following, posts about Steam itself, and posts about games that are recommended for you. You can switch off any of those categories as well, and you can also opt to see news and posts about the games you've recently played specifically or featured games on Steam.

Essentially, it seems like the News Hub makes it easier to see news about the games you're interested in without making you track down the store listings for each game first. You can access the News Hub from the Store tab dropdown list in the Steam app, where it has taken up residence below the shortcut to the recently-added Points Shop.

So, there you have it: PC gamers now have a new source for news about the games they play through Steam. Valve even says that it has designed the News Hub to play nice with mobile devices, which is nice to hear since it often feels like the Steam app can be neglected by Valve. The News Hub is live for everyone today, and you can read more about it in this Steam news post.