Stealth Wear hoodie is an invisibility cloak to drones

In light of the drones used to prowl the skies while snooping on the everyday person, Adam Harvey has designed a Stealth Wear hoodie that serves as a type of invisibility cloak against the spying equipment. Harvey hails from New York, and is no stranger in the world of surveillance-thwarting apparel. Some of the artist's other items in this category include CVDazzle, makeup that foils face-recognition applications.

The Stealth Wear hoodie functions in a simple manner — by blocking thermal radiation, which is how the drones "see." Without being able to sense the body heat, the drone will only see the parts of the body not concealed by the hoodie: face, hands, and legs, for example. The Steal Wear is expensive to produce, and cannot be purchased from an ordinary store, although it is reported that the item will be available for purchase.

In addition to the hoodie, Harvey has also created a scarf that works in a similar manner, making one's neck and face seem black to a drone. For those concerned about the health effects of the x-ray machines in airports, he has also created a t-shirt with a design said to safeguard the wearer's heart from radiation. Finally, he has also produced a cell phone pouch to block radio signals and prevent tracking.

Starting today, Harvey is showing off his Stealth Wear items at an exhibition with Primitive London, which is set to run until the 31st. The items showcased were made with the help of designer Johanna Bloomfield, and are demonstrated during the exhibit with real-world tests used to reveal the "process behind each technology and counter technology." Says Harvey, these items are a way to explore the realm of privacy and surveillance.

[via Discovery]