Stealth Nighthawk F-117A TVDongle runs XBMC

There are plenty of TV dongles on the market today that are designed to plug directly into the HDMI port on the back of your television. A number of these devices run the Android operating system and there are more than a few out there that come out of the box running the XBMC software. A new project has turned up on indiegogo called the Stealth Nighthawk F-117A TVDongle.

The XBMC Media Center software the TV stick runs is a free and open source software media player platform and entertainment hub that specifically designed for use in the living room. The user interface of the software is designed to be controlled from 10 feet away. The Nighthawk TV stick itself uses the same SoC is found inside the Raspberry Pi.

That means you can run open-source software that is supported by the Raspberry Pi in a smaller package specifically designed for the TV. The device doesn't have any internal storage of its own relying on microSD cards of up to 32 GB in capacity. The Nighthawk has integrated Wi-Fi and features a powered USB hub allowing for the connection of external hard drives or other accessories.

Hardware inside the Nighthawk includes the Broadcom BCM2835 SoC. It also has a 700 MHz processor, Broadcom Video Core IV GPU, and 512 MB of memory. It supports the upper the full HD resolution video. The device can be controlled using a wireless mouse, smartphone, or tablet. It also supports DLNA and AirPlay. The project is seeking $40,000 and has 55 days to go. So far, it has only raised $80, but it has just launched. A pledge of $80 will get you a Nighthawk TV stick with a 4 GB memory card.

[via indiegogo]