Statistics reveal that Android owners are predominantly male

Even though there's a wide plethora of Android-based handsets that hypothetically can cater to any niche, from gen-Yers like myself, to gen-Xers like the parents, there's possibly another explanation together with the reasoning that Android simply holds more tech appeal, more tinkering as opposed to the iPhone or Palm Pre.  Where?  Take a look at Android's marketing approach, which in short, has been tilted towards men.  For those who've been living under a rock and haven't yet seen any of the outlandish Motorola Droid commercials, there are two clips below.  As the majority readers probably know, they feature industrial machinery, rockets, robots, stealth bombers, and various other high-tech paraphernalia that simply don't convey the elegance of an iPhone commercial, or the Palm Pre Plus, which is in fact marketed towards moms.

As I mentioned before, Android is more of a hands-on platform than that of the iPhone or webOS, and readers may think that on that note alone, men are more likely to buy an Android phone.  It's true, but we need to also factor in the marketing aspect.  To marketers, it appears that you've successfully drawn men to your Android handsets, by purposefully overlooking what appeals to women in your testosterone-driven commercials.

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