State of LTE varies greatly around the world says OpenSignal

Technology matures at different rates depending on which country you are looking at. Countries with consumers that have money to spend and want speed and performance for mobile networks tend to have much better speeds and coverage than those where the population is poorer. OpenSignal has published its look at LTE speeds and coverage around the world and there are some interesting facts to be seen.

The country with the best LTE coverage is South Korea with 97% of the country covered; Japan is second with 90% coverage. The US is higher on the list with 78% coverage with the UK being well down the list showing only 50% coverage.

The single network with the best coverage in the entire world is LGT in South Korea with 99.6% coverage, presumably that is coverage of the nation's population since the entire country was said to be 97% covered. The fastest LTE speed to be found on a network is StarHub in Singapore with 38 Mbps speeds.

The country with the best average LTE speed is New Zealand at 36 Mbps, Singapore is second with 33 Mbps, and Romania is third with 30 Mbps. The UK is well down the list at 13 Mbps and the US is even further down at 10 Mbps. The data for this report was gathered by OpenSignal from iOS and Android users of the OpenSignal app.

SOURCE: OpenSignal