Starts with V paintball machine uses 840 barrels to make instant art

I have played paintball before and the gun is used wasn't that accurate. Anything more than a few feet from me may or may not be hit. I am sure some of it may be the fact that I can't shoot straight though. If you are a fan of the V Energy Drink or paintball, in general you will get a kick out of this contraption that puts 840 barrels of paintball madness onto the back of a truck with some other gear to make a giant paintball art project in one messy go.

The video attached here is nothing but a commercial for the drink, in reality, even though it doesn't show the energy drink. You do see the Starts with V slogan though. This contraption is a giant paintball cannon on wheels. The works is mounted on the back of a truck and when the operator pushes a button, all the paint balls fly out at one time.

The truck is parked very close to a wall and when it pulls away, you see the paintball portrait of a yellow man that looks very pixel art falling from the top of a building. That yellow character reminds me more than a little of SpongeBob SquarePants. If someone tired this in real life, they would end up in the company of some nice Homeland Security agents.

[via Colossal]