Stardew Valley update 1.5.4 arrives on PC with many bug fixes

Stardew Valley has received patch 1.5.4 on PC, with the same update coming soon for console players. The patch follows the major 1.5 update released in December, bringing with it a number of bug fixes, not the least of which is the whole fishing-rod-out-of-head glitch. The patch notes arrive with suitable censors on potential spoilers for players who want to be surprised.

The patch was announced by Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone, who goes by 'ConcernedApe' on Twitter. Unlike the 1.5 update, which brought a number of big new changes, this new update revolves around bug fixes. Among other things, the fishing pole no longer appears to be attached to the player's head when the player catches a treasure chest with multiple rods in their inventory.

As well, the patch notes reveal that Lucky Rings won't lose their luck bonus overnight, the Tea Sapling has been swapped out for a Triple Shot Espresso in the Stardew Valley Fair shop, plus that shop will no longer sell multiple units of the same random items.

Perhaps sad news for those who enjoyed the easy route: the Skull Caves exploit that unlocked all 120 elevator floors has been fixed. Some floor tiles in the Quarry mine no longer spawn items when the player uses bombs, and trees won't grow on top of furniture anymore.

Some more rare bugs were also fixed, ones you may never have encountered yourself, such as a bug where a charged hoe may break a filled chest and destroy its content if it was placed in a specific way near other chests. There are a few changes that come with spoilers for those who want to avoid them; head over to the patch notes to see them for yourself.