Stardew Valley update 1.4 arrives on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4

Well that didn't take long: just a couple of weeks after Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone released a massive update for Stardew Valley on PC, it's arrived on consoles. The update brings Stardew Valley to version 1.4, and on top of the bug fixes and tweaks you'd normally expect from a patch, this update also adds a bunch content. In other words, if you've been looking for a reason to dive back into Stardew Valley, this seems to be it.

When the update launched for PC, ConcernedApe published an extensive changelog for it, and since there isn't a new changelog specifically for the console version (which has gone live on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4), it's safe to assume that the same one still applies here.

Barone said that his goal with this update was to bring Stardew Valley to a more polished state than it's ever been in. A look at that changelog and all of the bug fixes that are shipping along with this update suggests that Barone achieved that goal. Of course, bug fixes are hard to get excited about, but we've got plenty of new content to dive into as well.

Chief among all of the new content is the Four Corners map, which is intended to give each of the four players in a multiplayer game their own quadrant but can still be played just fine in single-player. There are also new 14-heart events for all potential spouses in the game, though that's only available after you marry them. On top of that, there are new town and farm set pieces – such as the movie theater and fish ponds – along with a ton of new clothing items.

In short, it's a beefy update, so if you're one of the Stardew Valley faithful, be sure to give it a download and take it for a spin. Hopefully now that the update is out on consoles, we'll see it come to mobile soon. We'll let you know when Barone announces more for Stardew Valley, so stay tuned.