StarCraft 2 to be a trilogy

A lot of news has been pouring out of BlizzCon and now Blizzard is taking their StarCraft franchise to the next level. Their long-awaited game, StarCraft 2 will be a trilogy rather than one game. 

StarCraft 2 will include three single-player games of which each can be played on an individual basis with an overarching story connecting them together. There will be one game for each race.

The first is Terran: Wings of Liberty and will follow Jim Raynor for non-linear gameplay. The second is Zerg: Heart of the Swarm. The last in the trilogy will be Protoss: Legacy of the Void. Each game will feature between 26-30 missions and the campaigns will feel like epic stories in and of themselves. No cliffhangers this time around, either. That is, each game will be a full product on its own.

[via 1UP]