Starbucks for iOS updated with iMessage gift cards

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 4, 2017, 4:08pm CDT
Starbucks for iOS updated with iMessage gift cards

Starbucks has updated its iPhone app to version 4.3.4, adding multiple changes including the addition of a new iMessage gift card option. Those who use iMessage can now send their friends or family members a Starbucks gift card directly within the app, eliminating the need to toggle between apps or purchase a card in-store. Joining this are improvements to Mobile Order & Pay and more.

The new iMessage feature is the app’s biggest change, enabling users to utilize both the Starbucks iMessage app and Apple Pay to buy and send a digital gift card. The gift is sent instantly, making it a suitable way to surprise someone on their big day, and it is neatly integrated into the overall text conversation with that person, ensuring there’s no break in the chat.

In addition to the new iMessage gift card option, the new Starbucks for iOS app has new animations and a new interface for its order reviewing screen. Users can now easily review their mobile order and remove or duplicate items with taps. There’s also the new ability to see customizations within the review process. Suggested items also look new.

Finally, the new iPhone app has a new filter option that enables mobile users to find the store nearest them that serves the particular item they’re looking for. If all that sounds great, you can get the features yourself by updating the app or downloading it from iTunes.

SOURCE: iTunes

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