Starbucks adds plant-based sausage sandwich to its summer menu

Impossible Foods, the company best known for its plant-based Impossible Burger product, is now the supplier for Starbuck's new plant-based sausage sandwich. This product isn't vegan-friendly as it contains both cheese and egg, but it does give vegetarians and health-conscious consumers a new meat-free fast food option. Starbucks already lists the new sandwich on its website.

Over the past couple of years, we've seen plant-based meat alternatives arrive in a limited way in a variety of restaurants and fast food stores, the most notable having been Burger King's widespread rollout of a plant-based version of its Whopper burger. These plant-based faux meats have also become common in grocery stores in the US.

Months after testing the sale of a faux-sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich in Canada — that test involved Beyond Meat patties — it is now offering an Impossible Sausage version of the sandwich as part of its summer menu at stores in the United States.

According to the Starbucks website, the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich is made from ciabatta bread, an egg sourced from cage-free chickens, a slice of cheddar cheese, and the plant-based Impossible Foods sausage patty. The sandwich has 430 calories, making it around the same as other fast-food breakfast sandwiches, including a hefty 830mg of sodium.

The sandwich can be ordered online and in-store at locations offering the product. Vegans can request the sandwich without egg and cheese, though it may be a bit bland without the two. A quick search on the Starbucks website indicates this sandwich is widely available at its stores.