Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets a surprise update for Star Wars Day

If you're planning to revisit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in celebration of Star Wars Day, then good news: Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment just gave you reason to do so. The two have pushed a surprise update to the game for Star Wars Day, adding several new features that seem to be aimed primarily at those who are looking for more out of the game.

First, and perhaps foremost, is the addition of Combat Challenges, which can be accessed via the Meditation points scattered throughout the game. In these challenges, you'll face off against waves of enemies in variety of environments. Respawn says that these challenges are "designed for veteran players." The developer notes that they're "designed to be tackled when Cal is at his strongest and most experienced," so if you've only just started a play through, you might want to wait until you're closer to the end of the game to try your hand at these.

There are 12 challenges in all, with three stars to earn during each one. You'll get the first star by simply completing the challenge, while the second star will require you to complete it without healing and the third will require that you don't take any damage at all. Earn 12 stars from these challenges (beat them all, in other words), and you'll get three new skins for BD-1.

Going hand-in-hand with these Combat Challenges is a new mode called Battle Grid, which lets you create the challenges you want to play. In Battle Grid, you'll pick the arena you want to play in along with its size, and then you're allotted points which you can then spend on enemies. True to the name, you'll arrange those enemies on a grid, and you can then save and play through those maps to see if you can overcome the challenges you've set for yourself.

Finally, Fallen Order is getting a New Journey + mode. In New Journey +, you'll get the chance to play through the game again with all of the cosmetics, kyber crystals, lightsaber parts you've unlocked in previous play through available. You'll need to start over when it comes to unlocking abilities, but those who play New Journey + are in for an exclusive treat: a red lightsaber color, a special Inquisitor outfit, and two new hilts. Those cosmetics are only available in New Journey +, so don't expect to find them in a fresh save.

For more information on this update – which includes details on some new accessibility features and full patch notes – head over to the Fallen Order website. The update is available now across platforms, so download it and take it for a spin.