Star Wars fans create ultimate Death Star theater

If I ever made it big and had too much money to spend, I would want to create an awesome home theater. Not the kind that's also your living room, but an actual theater. Naturally, if I did it, I would want a Star Wars theme, and it would hopefully look something like this.

Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens created this awesome Death Star Home Theater System that gives you the feeling of watching movies while hanging out on the Death Star. To make sure they got all of the details right, they called on Doug Chiang, lead set designer for Episodes I and II. (Thankfully he didn't suggest Jar-Jar to be included.)

You've got to be pretty big fans to go all-out like this, and these two are nothing short of the biggest fans. If fact, this duo used to run both the Official Star Wars Fan Club and Star Wars Insider magazine. We're not sure how much this set them back, but you can bet it took more than a couple of Kessel runs to pay for it.

Designing a Death Star Theater [via electronichouse]