Star Wars Episode IV Recreated Using Minecraft

Star Wars fans revisit the film franchise often, and we'd bet a few of them even play Minecraft. Some recreate scenes from the movie using Minecraft, but one user has gone all out. Rather than create scenes or crowd-source footage using Minecraft, someone has recreated the entire film.

Paradise Decay has spent three years on this labor of love, building everything from the movie using digital blocks. Vehicles, worlds, even characters — all redone using Minecraft. He didn't skimp, either — some worlds and scenes reportedly took six months to make.

To start the hype machine rolling, Paradise Decay has released a new trailer for the film, which you can see below. If you want to catch the movie, though — bring your own soundtrack. Paradise Decay notes via his blog you'll have to play the original movie in the background — for sound — to get it to sync. Though he didn't directly say as much, it's likely for copyright reasons.

The creator is careful to dance around the issue of copyrights, noting this is a project, and will be free to view. He goes on to say "I support George Lucas, Lucas film, Disney and Mojang for making this universe possible. All video footage is from the game 'Minecraft' itself. NO money or profit is to be made from the Final Video or Promo's."