Star Wars: Episode I the Phantom Menace gets 3D launch date

Star Wars is hands down one of the most popular sci-fi franchise ever made. The original three films are my favorites, but there were some aspects of the three new films that were cool. I liked the red spiky dude with the light saber staff in The Phantom Menace for instance. You may recall that George Lucas had said he would be bringing the flicks back to theaters in 3D.

If you were excited about the chance to see the films in 3D, Episode I has been gifted with an official launch date for the 3D version in studios. The flick will hit theaters on February 10, 2012. That is a bit less than a year away. February is a strange date; I would have figured these flicks would see a summer release.

Love it or hate it, this flick should make for some interesting 3D effects with the fights between Darth Maul and the Jedi and the invasion sequences. Perhaps Jarjar Binks won't be so irritating in 3D. The pod race sequence should rock in 3D too.