Star Trek Enterprise coffee table is the stuff of geek dreams

I would wager that there are a bunch of you out there that like Star Trek as much as I do. I'm not dressing up in pointy ears or anything, but I can appreciate some awesome Star Trek gear when I see it. Take this coffee table for instance. If there was ever a cooler project for a geek with a wood working background, I haven't seen it.

He must have a wife that likes Star Trek too since it is in the living room. When I wanted to put my Star Wars Wampa rug in the game room, the wife shot me down. I was able to return the favor when she wanted to decorate the closet with another Coach purse though. According to the wood artist maker, Barry Shields, the project took him a month to complete.

The wooden model is a replica of the NCC-1701-C. The glass on top is even cut in a shape that follows the lines of the ship and reminds me of the Star Trek badges. Me likey. You can buy one from the guy, if you have $3,100 lying around.

[via Technabob]