Star Trek colognes smell like Vulcan sex

I may lose some of my geek cred for saying this, but I never liked the original Star Trek series. Kirk even bothered me in the films with the original cast that I did watch when I was a kid. I much preferred Piccard and Number One to Kirk and Spock.

If you are a huge Star Trek geek and need the perfect cologne to go along with your spandex Star Fleet uniform Firebox can hook you up. The company has announced three fully licensed Star Trek scents. Two of the colognes are for men and they are called Red Shirt and Tiberius. Red shirt is the smell of expendability and an ode to the ensigns who always died on away missions.

Tiberius promises hints of black pepper, citron zest, and cedar, I wonder if it smells like breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The ladies get Pon Farr, named after the Vulcan mating cycle. That's right; the perfume is named after Vulcan sex, which evidentially smells of water lily and lotus blossom. You can gets yours for £29.95 per bottle.