Star Trek apartment costs $150K, gets ruined in divorce

If we told you that a man who was able to create a replica of the Star Trek Voyager starship in his apartment ended up being served divorce papers by his wife, you probably wouldn't be that surprised. But if we told you that same amazing apartment was going to be destroyed by said wife, you'd probably at least be disappointed. That is the story of a poor unfortunate nerd named Tony Alleyne.

Before we go on with the details, just take a moment to look at that picture. Someone lived here. How amazing is that? So here's the thing – Alleyne's wife decided to divorce him in 1994. It wasn't until then that he decided to convert his 500-square-foot living space into geek heaven, but based on this we can imagine the two probably weren't speaking the same language all along anyway.

So with all the extra spare time not having a wife allows, he was able to spend $150,000 in hand-crafting futuristic furniture, installing a voice-activated lighting system, and converting the bedroom into a transporter. Here's the thing, though. He wasn't paying anything for the apartment. His soon-to-be-ex-wife was. And now that the divorce is final, the space belongs to her. She has reportedly vowed to dismantle the Intrepid-class starship entirely. But Mr. Alleyne's dedication to geekdom will be remembered forever.

[via The Escapist]