Stantum "True Multitouch" offers 10-finger gestures

Multitouch is everywhere these days and it's not just Apple and that has their finger on it. See what I did there?


In fact, Stantum, a French company, has now come up with something they call "True Multitouch" and it's more advanced than any of the other touch tech we've seen so far. In fact, it utilizes all ten-fingers for its multitouch functions.

You can use as many or as little fingers as you'd like in manipulated the display. You can create all sorts of gestures by waving your palm. Or you can use your finger. Or maybe your elbow. It's really rather versatile and could be used for touchscreen laptops or even mobile phones. So, what do you think? Does this hold within it the often talked about but yet to be realized iPhone killer tech?

[via Electricpig]