Stan Lee hints massive Marvel cross-over considered by movie studios

Stan Lee, former editor-in-chief and president of Marvel Comics, seems to have just hinted that the higher-ups at several of the world's largest movie studios are at least considering a giant cross-over feature with some of the most popular comic book properties. At a special interview and Q&A session this weekend to celebrate Marvel's 75th anniversary, a fan asked if there would ever be a movie with the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the X-Men together. Judging by Lee's response, it appears fans aren't the only ones who realize how awesome that would be.

First off, the reason this hasn't happened already is that while Disney-Marvel owns those three properties, they only have the movie rights to The Avengers and the individual characters' films. Sony has the movie rights to Spider-Man, while Fox has those for the X-Men. So for those three franchises to come together in a single film, it would require a large number of agreements to be made by the production companies and their lawyers.

When asked the question about a cross-over at the Hammer Museum event (see the 53-minute mark at their video), alongside Roy Thomas and Kevin Smith, Lee responded that Marvel was concerned about the idea, adding how difficult it would be because of the other studios not wanting to lose the rights to such successful properties. "Whether they get it worked out, I don't know," Lee concluded. He also joked about how such a movie, with characters all created by him, would surely "make a hundred trillion dollars!"

Kevin Feige, the current president of Marvel Studios, is always asked the same question, but usually gives vague answers about wanting to make it happen someday. But adding in Lee's response it sounds like the three movie studios have at least shown mutual interest. For us fans, the best we could expect at this point is that talks have started and now formalities are being settled. Then again, when it comes to movie studios and making money, such a super-hero super cross-over may never happen in our lifetimes.

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SOURCE Hammer Museum