Stadia on iOS made easy with a third-party custom browser

JC Torres - Sep 28, 2020, 8:29pm CDT
Stadia on iOS made easy with a third-party custom browser

Game streaming is starting to become a big business but Apple doesn’t seem to want any part of it. At least not until those services bend a knee and abide by its sometimes strange laws. That isn’t sitting well with streaming services, naturally, but it also irking some gamers who just want to be able to play their PC or console games on their iPhones in bed. Thankfully, some very eager games have found a way around that, at least for Stadia, and all you need is a single-page web browser app.

What makes this possible is that Stadia, unlike other game streaming services (except Amazon’s upcoming Luna), is really meant to run in a web browser environment. In fact, it is already possible on iOS 14 to log into and run Stadia from almost any web browser but the process involves jumping through hoops to change the browser’s user agent.

What this Stadium Full Screen app brings is what some are calling the utmost convenience in bypassing Apple’s restrictions on game streaming. Once launched, users simply need to give it Stadia’s URL and a user agent that Stadia accepts. They do need to log into their Google account via a dedicated menu option.

In addition to the convenience of setting up Stadia on the iPhone, the Stadium app also supports any MFi controller or controllers that iOS can recognize. It also has no typical browser UI so there will be nothing else on your screen to clutter your gaming.

It’s a simple yet ingenious workaround that not only shows the flexibility of the Stadia platform but also the market that’s waiting on iOS. Unfortunately, it might only be a matter of time before Apple once again adjusts its App Store policies to make such workarounds illegal in its kingdom.

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