Stadia adds support for OnePlus 8, mobile screenshot and clip recording

After a rather hectic and somewhat dramatic first few weeks, some have criticized Google's game streaming service to have slowed down and plateaued. Fortunately for Pro subscribers, Stadia has picked up the pace once more, just in time for the new COVID-19 at-home lifestyles. Now Stadia is recapping everything that has been added to the platform in April, including support for more Android phones and more functionality when using mobile devices.

Stadia is intended to remove the obstacles of running resource-intensive triple-A titles to let gamers play their favorite PC titles on any device, including Android phones. In practice, however, support for those devices, specifically mobile ones, has been too slow for some Android users. In particular, it seemed to favor Samsung's Galaxy flagships outside of Google's own Pixels.

Fortunately for Android users, Stadia has just added the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro to that list of compatible phones. This is significant because, despite this year's higher price tags, these two are still relatively the most affordable ones on that short list.

The latest version of Stadia also finally allows players to take screenshots or record video clips by simply pressing the dedicated capture button on the Stadia controller. Of course, that presumes you have the controller in the first place. In addition to notifications about Internet connection quality, these pretty much round up Stadia's new features for Android phones.

April has also seen other new features added to Stadia but, unsurprisingly, a lot of them focus on the Web experience. Those included the addition of the promised 5.1 surround sound support, at least for Pro subscribers, and the somewhat ironic on-screen keyboard when using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. There's also a new Click to Play feature that lets you jump instantly to a PUBG game just by clicking on a web link.