Stacked Wireless Charging cuts the wires

One thing that any smartphone user can relate to is the hassle of trying to use a smartphone when it needs to be plugged in to charge. The wire leaves you tethered to a six foot leash that never quite seems long enough to reach where you are comfortable using the device. Stacked Wireless Charging has a new video that shows its product in use, and it's very interesting.

Not only does Stacked have wireless charging so you need no cables to top off your battery, but it can charge multiple stacked batteries at the same time. The downside to the Stacked Wireless Charging system is that the battery packs do add bulk to your smartphone. It appears in the video that the battery blisters make your device about twice as thick.

The system uses a power pack and a special case that you have to put on your smartphone. The cases are available for the iPhone 6/6S Plus and the iPhone 6/6S. When your phone needs more power, you just remove the power pack from the back of your phone and attach a new one. The power packs appear to be held on with magnets.

When charging the power packs, you can stack up to five of them in a row to charge. With enough batteries, you can use your phone indefinitely without having to connect to a wire. The video below shows more about the system, pricing and availability are unknown.

SOURCE: Stacked