Square mobile payment system hits the Obama, Romney campaigns

If you've ever been to a political rally and thought, "This is cool but I wish there was some way for me to make a donation right now with my credit card," then Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate for you. Or if you happen to play for the other team, Obama's re-election campaign has also begun accepting mobile payments at its fundraising events. It's all possible thanks to the ubiquitous and revolutionary Square card-accepting platform.

It's nice to see two bitter political rivals come together on this issue. Each thinks that having iPhones equipped with the Square dongle, allowing instant credit and debit card payments to be accepted through a proprietary app, is a great way to earn money on the trail. "We're going to be testing it in Florida tomorrow night to see how it works and then hope to roll it out to the rest of the country," Romney campaign spokesperson Zac Moffatt told the New York Times.

On the Obama side, there's actually work underway on a special Obama-themed Square app, which would allow anyone to go out and collect credit card donations on behalf of the president. In other words, campaign donations are going viral, and we all know if there's one rule in politics, it's that more money for the candidates is never a bad thing. Right?

[via NY Times]