Spyro The Dragon Gets Reborn In Unreal Engine 4

Spyro the Dragon has been around since the late 90's, though more recently he's not been getting quite the recognition he deserves. These days, he's simply another Skylander. But there was a time when he was the dragon that everyone wanted to play.

If you head back to the original Spyro game, it might not look quite as good as you remember. However, one modder has decided that everyone's favorite video game dragon needs a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. With that in mind, they have recreated the first stage of the original game using Unreal Engine 4.

Stone Hill has never looked quite so lush and realistic. Of course, some might say that this redesign takes too much away from the cartoony feel of the original games.

Even if you're not a fan of the redesign, I think most of us can agree that Spyro needs to ditch the rest of the Skylanders and get his own game series back on track.

VIA: Kotaku