Spruce up your new CloudBook with PhotoFair

Have you finally gotten your hands on the elusive Everex CloudBook yet? After a couple of delays, some people were worried it might never come. However, it's in the wild and working hard to dethrone the Eee PC as the champion of tiny notebooks. If you've gotten one for yourself and want to spruce it up a bit, here's the perfect way to do it.

This interesting case you see on the CloudBook is called "PhotoFair." Essentially what you have is a clear plastic case that goes over your UMPC of choice. You can slip a photo of your loved ones, or really anything else that you can fit on a sheet of paper.

While some may think this to be just a simple gimmick, it really makes customizing your CloudBook easy as pie. We don't have any word on pricing or availability, but we're hoping to hear more later this week while at CeBIT.