Sprint's plans for the future unveiled

We all know that Sprint is looking at anything and everything to get its network back in to the fight with AT&T and Verizon as it continues to lose ground to the two largest networks. Some of Sprints plans for the future have surfaced and these will reportedly be implemented over the next three of our years. Whether they will happen and if they will help remains to be seen.

Sprint will reportedly be reworking its entire network using the spectrum they already own and the cost of the rework is going to hit the $5 billion range according to reports. The project is dubbed Leapfrog and it will have a fundamental impact on how devices operate on the Sprint network. The cool part is that it will combine all of the current spectrum Sprint owns into one usable network.

That means that the 800MHz iDen, 1900MHz CDMA, and 2500MHz WiMax spectrums will be accessible by one handset. As the example goes if you whip out your Sprint handset and the 800MHz is the best for voice calls that is what will be used, but if it is crowded and the 2500MHz isn't crowded it will be used. Supposedly three firms have already won contracts for these updates to the network. LTE is also reported to be part of the update and LTE will run on Sprints 800MHz network when it can. iDen is also said to be starting a phase out at the end of 2012 into 2013.

[via GizmoFusion]